Do you have what it takes to become a FIFA 18 Pro Coach? There’s money in it!

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If you’re good at FIFA 18 and have time to coach players, you can submit your application do Bidvine and start a career in game coaching.

Hiring company Bidvine has launched a job advert calling for people to apply for the role of a FIFA Pro Coach in order to earn around £15 an hour.

To apply for the role, the application process involves demonstrating your abilities with FIFA to Bidvine. This can only be done if you’d played in Division within Online Seasons and/or FIFA Ultimate Team.

So that they know you’re the one playing the game, you’ll need to submit a side by side video of you playing the game.

Additionally, you also need a strong wireless connection, photo ID and a working Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

The pay is at least £15 an hour, but you can charge your own price if you sign up to

If you have what it takes. Apply now.

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