Instagram Tests Notifying Users When Someone Takes a Screenshot of Their Stories

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In 2016, Instagram launched their stories feature which had similarities to Snapchat. The stories feature allows Instagram users to share a photo which stays visible to their followers for 24 hours before being deleted.

One feature that is not available on Instagram is detail of who has screenshot your story, but that may be about to change. Several online users have reported that Instagram is apparently testing screenshot alerts that will notify uploaders if a viewer takes a screenshot of their posts on Instagram Stories.

A twitter user has said that you will see a new camera shutter logo in front of the usernames who have taken a screenshot of the story. Instagram may not inform you in the same way that Snapchat does by sending you a push notification, but you’ll be able to access the app and see who has captured your story.

The new feature appears to be in testing phases the moment. Once tested, the company will then make a decision on whether this will be released on the main app. We’re sure that this feature would be a popular release but whether Facebook decides this is something it wants to add is yet to be confirmed.

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