Jurassic World Alive coming this Spring

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If you’re familiar with Pokemon Go, you’ll know that the game allows you to explore locations to find Pokemon and battle gyms. Jurassic World Alive will be following in the footsteps with a similar game except you’ll be hunting dinosaurs instead.

Produced by Universal in partnership with Ludia, Jurassic World Alive will release dinosaurs onto our streets. Your task is to track them down and extract their DNA, including dinosaurs seen in Jurassic World.

This will allow you to  level up your research on a certain type of dinosaur in order to create your own dinosaurs to battle against other players’ creations in real-time arena battles.

The above trailer confirms that the game will be released this Spring. It will be available on iOS and Android devices.

Check out the tweet below and pre-register for an in-game incubator at launch!

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