Meet Vero, a new social network built with a focus on social

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Vero is the Instagram rival that’s topping the App Store.

The app allows you to share photos, links, books, movies and tv shows with your selected audience. You can categorise your friends into specific groups and choose to share your posts to a group or to everyone.

The app is currently number 1 on Apple’s App Store which suggests that users are looking for a new social app, and Vero has gathered a bigger audience than anticipated.

Vero’s mission is to deliver a social app that allows you to be social. They have zero advertising and their primary focus is allowing users to be social without implementing algorithms which customise your news feed. All posts on your stream are displayed as most recent so you’ll always see all content without the network determining which posts you should see.

At the moment, Vero’s working on the strength of their network as it seems they didn’t expect such a large audience to sign up so soon. Please bare with them if you feel the app is a little unresponsive at the moment, rest assured they’re working on it.

Go and download the app on iOS and Android and try it out for yourself. The first 1 million users will get their account free for life.

Image copyright Vero.

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