Our shop is now open for business!

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We’re excited to tell you that our shop is now open! At Tech Natter, we have a free account where members receive credits for doing things like logging in, updating content and connecting with other users.

For some time you’ve been able to see your credits and manage them but there has been no option to exchange credits for goods… until now! If you visit our Shop page, you can browse digital downloads – things like mobile wallpapers, code, tech guides and more. As soon as you see an item you want to purchase, just add it to your basket and go to the checkout. If you have sufficient credits, you can use these to pay for your order. If not, you’ll need to earn enough credits to make the purchase.

So here’s the steps you need to follow to purchase in our all new shop.

  1. Sign up for a free account or login.

  2. Earn credits by commenting on content, posting updates, and connecting with friends.

  3. Spend your credits in our Shop!

Please note: Our credits facility is virtual. Tech Natter will never ask you for any real payment details.

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