What makes us different from other tech blogs?

There are lots of tech blogs out there which publish articles in the same way that we do but we’ve launched with a different vision. Let us explain in a little more detail…

Accounts System

We have an account system in place where you can register for free. It’s more than just to connect in forums as you get a social profile to communicate with friends and a sitewide activity feed so you never miss what’s going on. In addition to that, you also earn credits for using your account. Soon you’ll be able to spend credits in our digital downloads store. This is our way of rewarding you for having an account with us – we like to give back to users.

A different approach to advertising

At the moment, we have zero advertisements on our site. We will be launching adverts in the near future but we’re currently drafting up a plan on how we can engage our readers in this. We’re thinking of allowing users to buy advertisement space with their account credits. This means that if you have an account with us, you’ll be able to buy a slot on our website to advertise your website/product. We will also have minimal adverts on the site so your advert will stand out.

Proper analysis

Before we launched our website, we ensured that our analytics software was in place. We are tracking which content you view the most so we can see what you prefer to read on Tech Natter. Each day we will perform trend analysis and this will help us shape areas to focus on. We want to deliver content that you want to read and this will help us do that.

Seamless mobile experience

Our website works on mobile and tablet devices too. One thing that you should also note is that there’s no change in experience regardless of the device being used. Our website doesn’t have a separate mobile version, instead our website is responsive which means it will adapt to the screen that it’s being viewed on. Due to this, you can access all of the same features on every device.

Website Speed

We cache our pages unless there has been an update which means that we are able to deliver our content faster. It’s important for us to provide a fast service so that you can always rely on our website.

Completely secure

Our website has an SSL certificate installed throughout which means you’ll always have a private connection to us. This is vital as we operate an account system so your information is always sent securely.

We’ve just launched so please share our website with friends. We’re excited for what’s to come and thank you for visiting us.

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