Welcome to the all new Tech Natter

We’re pleased to announce the relaunch of Tech Natter. We’re back, and we’re here to stay!

Our all new website is now live so you can visit technatter.com to explore our latest articles and sign up for a free account. As before, we will also be publishing our latest articles on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus – that way you’ll always stay up to date with our most recent publications.

We’ve made improvements to our website and how we do things. Let us talk you through them:

  • SSL Optimised – Our website now loads completely securely. We’ve installed an SSL certificate which ensures your connect to Tech Natter is always secure.
  • Increased Loading Times – We now cache content which means that only new content will be refreshed when you visit us. This saves load on our servers and helps us deliver our website to you at an increased speed.
  • Support & Feedback – We now have a Support section of our website where you can ask us questions and we will respond to them. In addition to that, we have a Feedback section where you can leave suggestions on how we can improve Tech Natter.
  • Account – You can sign up for an account with us for free. You get your own profile to connect with other readers. You can also use your account to comment on our content and connect in our forums.

We will talk more about the account over the next few days so look out for that. For now, please check out our website and look out for articles coming later today.

Thank you

Tech Natter

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